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NYC Artistic maternity photos NYC Artistic Pregnancy photographer

Extensive professional experience.    Since 2003, Robert has photographed over a thousand pregnant women, creating an unparalleled portfolio of artistic maternity pictures and silhouette pregnancy photos.  This extensive experience gives Rob keen insight to help to each woman he works with feel comfortable, relaxed, empowered & absolutely beautiful!  His artistic maternity photos are rarely, if ever, “posed”.  Instead, Rob gently guides each woman he works with to accentuate her natural movements and expressions, thus imparting her own unique personality and emotion on each artistic maternity photograph shot.  Discerning women throughout New York City (NYC), New Jersey (NJ), Long Island (LI), Westchester (NY) & Connecticut (CT) hire professional maternity photographer Robert Austin Fitch for his talent in creating uniquely beautiful maternity photographs & pregnancy pictures. Rob’s fine art maternity photography sessions are truly a collaboration between client and photographer, where a shared creative vision is beautifully realized.

Stunningly beautiful maternity photographs.  Robert Austin Fitch has elevated his silhouette maternity photos to an unparalleled level among professional maternity photographers by emphasizing the full range of tones between highlight and shadow.  Fine details are too often lost in traditional silhouette maternity photographs by their inherent starkness – a nearly black form, contrasted against a white background.  Strikingly different… Robert’s full tone silhouette maternity photographs combine brilliant highlights, deep dark shadows and an amazing range of shades in-between.  These “in-between” tones are the key to revealing the often subtle details that make Rob’s artistic maternity photos so extraordinary and beautiful.  The unique lines of each pregnant woman’s body are transformed into an intimately timeless work of photographic art. From a knowing glance or a self assured smile to the fine details in a sheer negligee, details both large and small are expertly captured to enhance the overall interest & beauty of each maternity photograph.  To achieve this level of detail & nuance, it becomes essential to partner with a maternity photographer with the experience and passion to bring out the absolute best in each woman he or she works with….   

NYC Artistic maternity photos NYC Artistic Pregnancy photographerConvenience of in home sessions.  Robert’s signature silhouette maternity photographs are created with custom built professional studio lighting, set up in the comfort & privacy of your own home.  This not only removes the unpredictable nature of the area’s weather, it’s simply more convenient for my clients – morning, afternoon, evening sessions available, 7 days a week.  Everything you might need during the shoot, from a quick snack or drink to a touch-up of your makeup is right there.  Additionally, all of the beautiful & luxurious fabrics you see throughout the website are provided – there is a sheer fabric, a more opaque fabric and a lace.  Any clothing you may want to use during the shoot would be your own.  And if you’d like to include siblings in the photographs (especially young ones), where do you think they’d be most comfortable?  Most likely in their own home. 

Attention to detail.  Following your pregnancy photography shoot, Robert uses his extensive experience and talented artistic eye to choose a generous selection of the best maternity pictures from each photo session to go through a detailed editing process. Chosen from hundreds of raw pregnancy photographs taken during the shoot, each of the selected pictures will be custom cropped to enhance composition, expertly adjusted to maximize tonal range and completely retouched to ensure absolutely flawless presentation. This time consuming process of curation, is just part of what separates Robert’s artistic pregnancy pictures from other maternity photographers work and enables his work to be rightfully called, “Fine Art Maternity Photography”. Furthermore, each maternity photograph is completely retouched to lesson the appearance of blemishes & stretch marks and carefully edited to compliment the natural shape of each woman’s body. While each of these individual edits is generally subtle, the combined impact of this attention to detail on the finished photographs is often dramatic, ensuring that the curve of your back is every bit as beautiful as your growing belly.  

NYC Artistic maternity photos NYC Artistic Pregnancy photographer

But… I’m not a model.  The women featured in Rob’s maternity photography galleries are nurses, doctors, ad executives, bankers, lawyers, teachers, business women and work at home moms. While Rob gets the chance to photograph professional models several times per year, none of the women featured in the maternity galleries on this website are professional models…they’re simply women who chose to embrace their pregnancies and capture an amazing moment in in their lives.  They moved beyond shoulda, coulda, woulda and they just did it!  As a professional maternity photographer, it’s my job to make women who don’t make their living in front of a camera look as if they could. & let me assure you, I take my job seriously…  If you want to look absolutely amazing in your maternity photographs, give me a call… 201-658-8076 

Scheduling your sessionHaving a baby is without question one of life’s most profound, beautiful and memorable milestones.  As the father of two amazing & beautifully unique children, I encourage you to take the time to capture the fleeting miracle of pregnancy with professional maternity photographs.  I can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that children love few things more than looking at pictures of themselves when they were “little”… & you can’t get any “littler” then before you were born.  Give me a call,  I’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.  I look forward to speaking with you soon…  

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