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 Professional newborn & baby photography in the comfort of your home


Be present…capture the memories.  There will come a day, in the not to distant future, when your newborn baby is all grown up & has children of his own.  Take the time to capture family memories…in the years to come, these photographs will become priceless “windows” through which he can imagine what it felt like being a baby. Over the years, “family photos” take on an ever increasing amount of importance.   As your children grow, they are going to treasure photographs of you, just as much as you now treasure photographs of them. And photographs of you & them together… absolutely priceless!  

Convenience. Bringing a newborn baby home is one of the most exciting, surreal & let’s face it…tiring things you’ll ever experience. Between well wishing family members, round the clock feedings and a complete lack of sleep, the last thing most parents have the energy or desire to do is bringing their baby out of the home to a studio for professional photographs. Yet, these pictures are what many parents have thought about ever since they learned they were pregnant or were going to adopt.  By bringing professional studio lighting and backdrops into the comfort or your home, Robert makes capturing this amazing time in your baby’s life easy &  fun. The relaxed sessions usually last about 2 1/2 hours. During the photo shoot, the parents “job” is simple…love your baby and leave the rest to Rob!  A selection of cozy baby blankets and backdrops are supplied for your shoot.  If you’d like to include any hats, bows, headbands, etc in the shoot, they would be your own. 

 Attention to detail.  Following your session, Robert carefully chooses a generous selection of the best pictures from the photo session to go through a detailed editing process. Chosen from hundreds of raw baby photographs taken during the shoot, each of the selected pictures will be custom cropped to enhance composition, expertly adjusted to maximize tonal range and completely retouched to ensure absolutely flawless presentation.  Flakey skin, blotchiness, mild baby acne, no problem.  & what parent of a newborn couldn’t use a little retouching themselves?   

Beautiful baby photos.  It’s my goal to provide you with a selection of baby photographs that take your breath away…I focus on capturing emotion and the littlest of details.  The love between parents and their baby as well as baby fingers & toes, bottoms & noses.   Each of the selected images will be presented in Color as well as B&W, Sepia Tone and B&W with a film grain appliqué.  To further enhance variety, many of the selected images will be shown with a different crop.  Images are presented in a password protected online gallery for your convenience.  Prints are purchased a la cart with copyright-free archival DVDs available for purchase as well.   

Schedule your session… Having a baby is without question one of life’s most profound, beautiful and memorable milestones.  Take the time to capture this amazing time in photographs.  Children love few things more than looking at pictures of themselves when they were “little”… and they’re only this small for a brief time.  Newborn photos are best taken during the first 5-12 days (the earlier the better). Baby photos are best taken between 10-18 weeks. Give me a ring,  I’ll walk you through the whole process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.


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