NJ Maternity Photography “Flowing Fabric”

All of the fabrics seen throughout my maternity photography galleries are supplied for your photo session.  There is a sheer fabric, a lace and a more opaque fabric seen in the following photographs…This particular fabric drapes beautifully, stretches just enough to be super comfortable and lets the perfect amount of light pass through to make it glow in silhouette.  Add in a gorgeous pregnant woman… & wow! Maternity Photography Magic in New Jersey (NJ).

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NJ Maternity Photos NJ Pregnancy Photographers

NJ Maternity Photography

NJ Pregnancy Photographers

NJ Pregnancy Photos

Professional NJ Maternity Photographer Robert Austin Fitch specializes in artistic maternity photography & pregnancy photography as well as artistic newborn and B&W baby photography throughout the NJ,NY,CT tri-state area.  Call Rob today to discuss setting up an Artistic NJ Maternity Photography session (201.658.8076).  He can walk you through the process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.  Detailed information about Rob’s Artistic NJ Maternity Photography sessions can be found on his website www.robfitch.com.

Professional maternity photography & Artistic pregnancy pictures available by appointment throughout New York City (NYC), New Jersey (NJ), Long Island (LI), Westchester (NY), Brooklyn (NY) & Connecticut (CT).

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