Beautiful Baby Blues…

I like to chalk up this little guys good looks, sunny disposition and awesome smile to the fact that he and I share the same late winter birthday.  It’s either that, or he gets it from his parents…Despite obvious photographic evidence to the contrary, I’m sticking with my theory. 

Baby photography NJ NYC

Baby Photos NJ

When woven with personal memories, truly great photographs take on a magical quality. They become vivid reminders of life’s most amazing experiences, capturing the memory of moments in our lives that fill our hearts and souls with joy. Take the time to capture your family’s memories…in the years to come, these photographs will be the windows through which your children glimpse their own childhood and share a time they were often too young to remember. Detailed information about Rob’s artistic baby photography can be found at his website  Feel free to call Rob at 201-658-8076 to discuss setting up a shoot.  To see more beautiful baby photos, be sure to visit my Pinterest page here!

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