How to take milk bath maternity photos

How to take milk bath maternity photos… DIY tips for a great shoot!

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Many articles online offer advice on how to take milk bath tub maternity photos at home.  While there’s definitely more than one way to create beautiful milk bath maternity pictures, I’ve found a less used approach that I think works the best…  The “secret” to my milk bath photos?….Organic coconut milk.  While cows milk and powered creamer do make the milk bath water opaque and “milky”, the thought of getting into a tub filled with either of these always seemed a little odd to me.  I thought to myself, there must be a different, better way to create opaque water for the milk bath that doesn’t involve actual milk or sugary powdered creamer. After some experimenting, I found that between 6-8 cans of organic coconut milk worked perfectly.  Not only was the water opaque and milky, it smelled like a tropical island spa.  Add fresh flowers to complete the set up.  If you happen to live near a Trader Joe’s, their organic coconut milk is excellent and Trader Joe’s fresh flowers are some of the best and most affordable you’ll find anywhere.

All of my milk bath maternity photo sessions and milk bath baby sessions are photographed in my Ridgewood New Jersey photo studio.  Professional lighting takes milk bath photos to a level that would be difficult to achieve in most peoples bathrooms.  If you happen to have a bathtub with great natural light or a big bathroom that could accommodate professional lighting I would suggest finding a professional photographer in your area to take the photos, the results will be worth it!

DIY Milk Bath Maternity Shoot Tips and Tricks. The best at home milk bath pregnancy photos DIYs.

How to take beautiful milk bath maternity photos NYC NJ CT

How to take beautiful milk bath maternity photos NYC NJ CT


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