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Twins Maternity Photos

Twin Maternity Photos NYC NY  Nothing compares to the excitement of expecting a baby… except maybe the excitement of expecting twins!       Be sure to follow Rob’s latest work on Instagram – click here.    

“Keeping it simple” Artistic Pregnancy Photography in NYC, NJ & CT

Artistic Maternity Photography NYC What should I wear is a question I get all the time when working with new maternity clients. For most women, there’s no need to run out shopping for special clothing for a maternity photography shoot.  In most cases, everything she needs is right in her closet -simple.  A strappy tank, a...

“Sheer beauty” – Artistic Maternity Photography in NYC, NJ, CT & LI

From a visual standpoint, nothing accentuates the amazing curves and lines of a pregnant woman’s body quite like silhouette lighting.  When perfected, this technique produces maternity photographs with a exceptionally broad range of tone, from deep shadow to highlight and every tone in-between.  A sheer blouse or negligee perfectly compliments silhouette lighting for pregnancy photographs...

NYC Maternity Photography by Robert Austin Fitch

At first glance, these two sepia toned pregnancy silhouettes couldn’t be more different…but look again and you’ll notice artistic similarities that are unmistakably alike.  Strong lines, gorgeous composition and a depth of tone gives each of  these artistic maternity photos an almost three dimensional quality.  An artistic maternity photo session can be on your own,...

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